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I've been featured on Kotaku!…

A piece I created for Star Wars: The Old Republic was released at E3 as the face of the storyline Knights of the Fallen Empire! Check it out here:
SW:TOR Knights of the Fallen Empire - Arcann by demonui
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Flash sale and PAYPAL! Gumroad has rolled out their recent wave of changes, and happily they now accept Paypal payments. Many people have requested a Paypal option, and in honor of that, my tutorial will be 40% off until 02JUN2015 11:30 am PST!

Discount code: flashoil62

Imitating Oils in Photoshop:


This video tutorial shows a process by which the appearance of oil paint can be mimicked in photoshop. I discuss why oil paint looks the way it does and the tools that photoshop has to create these effects.


Imitating Oils Tutorial by demonui

Foilsmone by demonui

Tiger Reality by demonui

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Firstly, thanks so much to DeviantArt for the Daily Deviation awarded to Raw Inspira 2!
Raw Inspira 2 by demonui

Secondly, a few people have been asking for some of my custom brushes. I get asked this question a bunch, especially in relation to my Imitating Oils in Photoshop Tutorial.
Imitating Oils Tutorial by demonui
There's some good news and bad news in that regard. The bad news is that I use many other people's brushes when I work, and I don't feel comfortable distributing them. However I can highly recommend Levi Peterffy's brush set, as well as Maciej Kuciara and Shaddy Safadi. The good news is that I have created several of my own traditional-feeling digital media brushes, and they're available on my website! For free! FREE! Follow the link and download them, they're open for other people's use. If you do anything cool with them, I'd love to see the work! Head on over to my site for the link.
  • Reading: The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road
I'll be attending Spectrum Live in Kansas City May 21-25 - if you're in the area, hit me up by email or on DeviantArt and let's meet up!

Also, that means I won't be submitting any new artwork next Monday.
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I'm connecting with my fans and friends on several social media sites to talk about the future. Yes, DeviantArt is a social media site, at least as far as this post is concerned.

Working on social media presence teaches you a lot. The ability to set aside time for different activities, and how to effectively divide your attention, becomes a much more important part of workflow. On facebook, 
I have posted a new image every weekday for the last three months, and the feedback received from each has been phenomenal in terms of connecting with fans, personal growth, and especially in understanding the market in which I make my living. I've also been managing to post a new piece on DeviantArt every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! However, the pace is fairly brutal, especially as I am doing plenty of commercial work at the same time.

Starting this month of May, I'll be dropping to a more friendly Sketch Mondays and Final Fridays update schedule.

Definitely make sure to follow me on Facebook - to get more periodic updates on final artworks, links I find interesting, and other artists that you should know!

Recently I've also re-energized my Instagram account - Instagram is a great platform for behind the scenes, close-ups, and process shots. I'll be posting that sort of thing over there going forward.

  • Reading: World Tales collected by Idries Shas

Giveaway: Winners have been chosen from among Facebook sharers! Not all the winners are on DeviantArt and I have messaged others on different websites.

:iconillustrum:Carl Canelas

Dominik Gruszkowski

Chieu Nguyen

:iconlolomansilla:Lorena Lozano Mansilla

Gomes Brown

If you've won and haven't already received a message from me, send a message to this page so I can give you your 100% discount code!

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Ok, here we go! I created a tutorial, and I'm offering discounts and giveaways!

Giveaway: Winners have been chosen!

Carl Canelas
Dominik Gruszkowski
Chieu Nguyen
Lorena Lozano Mansilla
Gomes Brown

If you haven't already received a message from me, send a message to this page so I can give you your 100% discount code!

This video tutorial shows a process by which the appearance of oil paint can be mimicked in photoshop. I discuss why oil paint looks the way it does and the tools that photoshop has to create these effects. If it sounds interesting, go check it out!


I've finally updated my website! I had been with my previous service provider for several years, and it was leading to my work not showing up on Google. So I took an opportunity to completely revamp the whole site on Squarespace. Go check it out!


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Emerald City Comicon 2015

In a couple of days, I will be attending Emerald City Comicon this year on Saturday and Sunday March 28-29! Not at a booth, but I'll be attending several panels and browsing the floor. This is my first time going to Comicon in Seattle so I'm excited.

If anyone on DeviantArt wants to meet up at some point, let me know through a note or a comment!


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Several years ago, I left school to become a professional artist working in the games industry. It's been an exhilarating ride, with several impactful side effects. The biggest one has definitely been a bit of fading from the public eye.

The first projects I worked on (numerous as they were) were all under strict Non-Disclosure agreements. In fact, some of the work I completed five years ago still has not yet been released for me to post on my website or on other locations like DeviantArt. This became a bit of a habit, and artworks weren't posted very frequently. Even more so when I had an in-house art job, as it tended to be easy to let my web presence slide. Now, the freelance life is once again mine to experience and I'm looking to really get into the habit of posting more artwork.

This takes a few forms. I've been posting some older work that no one has really seen; I've been creating brand new artwork to share with the 'net. I'm still trying to get used to having a regular schedule.

For anyone who reads this: what kind of schedule do you like to see out of those you follow? Do you like to see new artwork every day, or a large batch every week, or possibly even less frequently? On Facebook, I've been posting every weekday. So far on DeviantArt I've begun to post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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I'll be attending the Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco during the upcoming week! (March 3 - 7 2015)

If anyone wants to say hi, shoot me an email at
Hello all online art-folks!

I'm visiting Europe during June! My travel plans will have me in London until the 18th, then in Pau (France) Until the 25th, and then Dublin until the 28th. If there is anyone out there that wants to meet up, shoot me an email - it's by far the best way to reach me. My email address is - I'll buy you a beer!

Hello all, this is me, shamelessly taking advantage of the Daily Deviation I received just now to plug both myself and some other artists that I believe truly deserve more recognition than they have at the moment.

Firstly, I have to thank :iconemersontung: very much. He's not only an incredibly talented artist but he also passed along my information after reading about my job issues and landed me an interview with a games company. Just an all-around good guy from what I know of him so far.


Ok, here we go: here are three artists' works on DeviantArt that I believe are particularly overlooked, and each of them has under 50k pageviews. Let's hope this can change that a bit.

First up is skullsquidattack. :icontroygalluzzi:

He has a particularly nuanced grasp of good shape and color design, but can also paint like a mother - hah! I am a major fan of his digital inking.

Cornered Animal by TroyGalluzzi  

Mature Content

Kiss Of Death number 2 by TroyGalluzzi
   Furiae by TroyGalluzzi   Red Sonja by TroyGalluzzi

Second we get fluxen. :iconfluxen:

I love the subtlety in the value structures that fluxen uses - he also has a lot of those beautiful warm shadows that are hard to capture. I am in awe of the edge control and color uses.

Red Knight by fluxen   Dark Valkyrie by fluxen   Pai 3X3 Eyes by fluxen   The Hive : Dominance War IV by fluxen

And thirdly there is Miles-Johnston. :iconmiles-johnston:

Not only is Miles one of the best young painters of the time, but he also has a solid grasp of design and color. The kicker? This guy is only 19 years old! He's going to be even more of an absolute CRUSHER than he is right now.

warped by Miles-Johnston  

Mature Content

moon by Miles-Johnston

Mature Content

Sorceress by Miles-Johnston
   Wanderers by Miles-Johnston

Let's see what's up on DA

Over the last few months, I've been going through the interviewing and art testing process with more than a few game studios. Last week, the last of my current options dried up for reasons that I can only assume were financial. (based on their messages)

So now I'm looking for work again! Freelance, small freelance, studio jobs, anything that comes across that my work might fit. Anybody on DA know of a place for a concept artist/illustrator who is looking again?

Portfolio site linked here:
So yeah! I'm going to be in Singapore for the next month!

Any DA members in the area want to meet up? Drink, sketch, etc?

Reply with notes, comments, or email (
There are a couple of reasons that I have not been posting much recently.

Firstly, and most importantly, is that I've been working quite a bit. I managed to get some freelance work with some fairly large clients and I've been pushing myself as hard as I've ever pushed. I have actually been producing tons of work, but the vast majority of it falls under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement.) I promise I'll post it if the projects ever get published. Since I'm doing quite a bit of concept art, some of the work I'm doing may actually never be seen by anyone besides the client.

Secondly, I've been working traditionally quite a bit. You may have seen this deviation in my gallery: I've actually finished a second book, but have not yet formatted it for web (splicing together all those scans takes time!)

Third, I somehow managed to lose a sketchbook for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, this means that I have no idea where quite a few of my pencil drawings have gone. It's fairly aggravating to know that you did some work that will never be seen by anyone, including yourself, ever again.

Last, I've actually been really quite sick for the last few weeks, and as a result I have not been able to paint as much as I usually do. I'm feeling much better now, though, so hopefully I'll get to post more.

I'll be hanging out on Google+ all day today. It'll be me working, interspersed with some personal painting (which I will stream while I am doing it.) Feel free to join in and chill anytime. You can find my profile (and the hangout link) here:
If I were to do scheduled live painting and sessions using the hangouts feature for Google+ who would be interested?

Just a good opportunity to get to know some people and share methods. What do you think?

Reply in comments.